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Sobre Magaluf 2017

This page is all about Magaluf This page is all about Magaluf

Valoración: 5 / 5 - 30538

Dirección de la calle: Punta Balena, Magaluf, Calvia, Mallorca, Spain

Teléfono: 08006446605

Sitio web:

  • Views from Magaluf's newest hotel... Hotel Calvia Beach The Plaza (Roof top 9) 💙👌😍

  • Before and After Magaluf 😂

  • Looking at your phone on a night out in magaluf 😂

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Magaluf 2017

Magaluf 2017

BCM Planet Dance

BCM Planet Dance

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  • To magaluf goers, I came the weekend for a hen do and we had a camcorder with us. On Sunday 30th SeptemberI lost the camcorder that has our weekend antics on it. It’s not worth anything but has sentimental value. It has a white label on the side th...

    den 02/10 2018
  • Been coming to Maga the last 4 years! That stage is an absolute piss take! Never been as mad in my life. Fucking Craig David tho!! Behave yourself! Don’t come out late like your some kind of Beyoncé!! Little mug!!! Strongly advise not to go there

    den 26/06 2018

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